Precious Metals

High quality jewellery and diamonds including wedding rings, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants can not be created without the worlds finest, highest quality and purest precious metals.

There are many different types of precious metals. The main types being platinum, gold including yellow gold and white gold, palladium and silver.

The quality or purity of each metal is normally indicated by it’s ‘carat’. Note this can be an indicated of both weight and purity. By mixing various metals the purity and strength of the metal is altered. For example you are unlikely to find a 24 carat gold wedding ring since this would be too soft and the ring would be damaged easily.

Of course, we would always suggest the highest purity and strength combination to suit the piece of jewellery you are looking for as well as to suit any budget.

Precious metals are also known are rare earth elements. There value determined by the fact that they are both rare and difficult to extract from the earth with platinum being the most expensive and exclusive because of this fact.

Precious metals, once prepared and polished tend to have a shiny appearance and high level of durability but are still prone to damage such as scratches. Proper care and maintenance reduces this risk. Jewellery and diamonds in the lanes do provide full after sales support, care and maintenance for all our customers.

Precious metals are not simply used in the production of jewellery but extend to almost every aspect of our lives. Precious metals are bought and sold daily as a high value, low risk commodity. Gold in-particular is well known for being used as an investment.

Unlike other metals, precious metals do not succumb to rust or corrosion which other metals may experience. This means that with the correct care and maintenance you jewellery and diamonds will last a life time.

It is critical to ensure that any precious metals used are hallmarked. This is a mark stamped on articles of gold, silver, or platinum by the British assay offices, certifying their standard of purity. Only an experienced jewellery smith will have the ability to mould and work the precious metals that eventually become the wonderful pieces of jewellery created at by us.

Platinum and gold are the most popular precious metals our customers select. This is because they tend to make the highest quality pieces of jewellery as well as attracting collectors who pay a premium or the best pieces.

Our jewellery smith use the latest techniques, technology and tools. They also reply on techniques that are hundreds of years old. Practices that have been passed from Master smiths to their apprentices for centuries. A gold smith or jewellery smith can spend a life time honing their skills and refining their techniques.

The end result is plain to see. Pop into our store in the lanes in Brighton and see for yourself.