The History of Diamonds

The history of diamonds can be traced back many thousands of years. Diamonds are a critical precious stone that jewellers can use to make jewellery more interesting and special in the eyes of those people who love to collect these rare and amazing stones. Diamond stones are graded by their colour, cut clarity and carat, also known as the 4 C’s.

The history of diamonds is an interesting and long history. People who want to discover the origins and reasons why it has been considered as one of the most special stones within jewellery making should read on.

World history shows that diamonds were discovered somewhere between 800BC and 1000BC. It is generally believed that diamonds were first discovered in India. During that time, people are primarily used these precious stones as decorations including within jewellery. Only the wealthiest or highest ranking members of society could afford these amazing and rare stones. Diamonds are thought to have been used as a status symbol by both chiefs and clan leaders. Crowns were often elaborately decorated with a variety of precious gems stone including diamonds, sapphires and ruby’s.

In 1074 we have clearly recorded documents where diamonds are being used by Royalty. Crowns, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and even staff’s have diamonds carefully placed in them for the first time. During that time, only kings and queens could wear diamonds probably becuase they owned the mines and also because they were the one individuals who could afford diamonds.

The idea of Point Cut has been introduced in the different parts of the globe in the whole period of 1375 in relation to the promotion of diamonds as a special jewellery making material. Point cut refers to the process of cutting a diamond by following its natural shape. This is the first time a diamond has been cut allowing the light to reflect in amazing splendour.

After a few years , more jewellery was being decorated with diamonds and for the first time diamonds were being wore in jewellery by individuals not of royal blood!

1477 is the first recorded instance of a diamond ring being used as an engagement ring by Archduke Maximilian of Austria in a marriage proposal to Mary of Burgundy. Diamonds became more popular and more widely available soon after this as well as many new ways to cut diamonds including the famous rose cut being introduced.

The rose cut refers to a crafted diamond that resembles the actual image of a rosebud that has started to bloom. Another design of diamond was later introduced 1681 by a Venetian diamond polisher. The name that was provided for it was Peruzzi cut. This new cut successfully increased interest in diamonds to people all over the world.

New and wonderful designs were introduce in the years after this with arguably the best cut diamond in 1996. Its name ‘Hearts on Fire’ – the best diamond cut in the world that was created by Susan and Glenn Rothman with smooth finish.