Diamond colour actually means lack of colour. Naturally occurring diamonds come in a variety of colours. White or clear diamonds being the most desirable and thus the most expensive.

There are 5 main colours grades used. Each helping to determine the overall value of the diamond. We use the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) scale of colour. On this scale, diamond colour is graded from D, which has the least colour, through the alphabet to Z, which has a light yellow colour. Truly colourless diamonds (D) are treasured for their rarity.


– D to F – these diamonds being the rarest and most sought after.

Near Colourless

– G to J

Faint Yellow

– K to M

Very Light Yellow

– N to R

Light Yellow

– S to Z

Diamonds also occur in black, red and blue. These diamonds are graded in a similar manner.

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